Isabel Marant For H&M

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Yes, this is really happening, I almost screamed when I heard the news this morning. Isabel Marant is one of my favorite designers, I love her sense of fashion. I have the feeling that when you wear one of her pieces, you have no other choice then to feel woman with the cuts, the simplicity, the confidence that it gives you. I love her ethnic prints, her pants and of course her sneaker wedge.

I like the fact that she can do a collaboration with a skate-brand and that she brings an urban feeling in her collections. A lot of people think that it’s going to be the most popular collaboration that H&M did until now. Believe me, I will do the line-up at 6am for this collection!

Marant will create a woman accessories and clothing line, one for teenagers and for the first time, a man collection for the big Swedish chain. The collection will be available in selected stores only November 14, 2013. Girls, do not miss this event haha!!

To learn more about Isabel Marant

For the press release: H&M

Picture via: Nitrocious

Video via: H&M

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