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From the Streets of Sydney

It’s an explosion of colors that the streets of Australia had to offer during the MBFW, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. It would be easy to fill out three pages of inspirations, as these colors are so refreshing, don’t they?

From pastel, to tassel, sequin, watercolor and kaleidoscope, nothing seem to stop the Australian fashionista and I have nothing against it!!

What is your favorite inspiration from these pictures?

Photos via: Le 21ème / W Magazine / NewsCom.Au / Plan B-Style /

One thought on “MBFW

  1. Hanst | April 14, 2014 @ 9:15 pm

    Beautiful photographs, I love those fashion outfits, amazing! Look at the last photograph, her long coat is very charming, yellow is a color which full of energy, my favorite color. I also like the fifth one, those patterns are very cool, chic. Sydney, I want to go there soon!!!

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