November Inspiration

It’s November, the only thing you want it’s to be under a tons of cozy blanket in your favourite cashmere sweater. November it’s the month we realize that we will be under a tons of white fluffy snow, windy cold winter with no way to escape. We all turn in our hibernation mode, watching a tons of movie, reading a tons of book and waiting for the sun to be back.

I love November, even if it’s the greyest month, it makes me feel nostalgic, but in a good way, you how this month makes you feel?

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Gifts For Her

For The Cozy Girl

The Cozy Girl.mvc

Happy Sunday! It’s already the first of December, and during the month I will do Christmas gifts ideas posts for different types of girls. I’m starting today with the Cozy girl  because it’s Sunday and this is how I fell today, stay home in my slippers and do my Christmas three 🙂 I found all my ideas from Free People, it’s my number one shop for cozyness, you just have to walk through their store to feel relax and warm. I have a big crush for the slippers in this list, they’re so cute!!  If you have a request for a type of girl in particular or even for men gifts ideas, let me know and I will do it!! xxx

From left to right bottom:

Back And Forth Tunic / Pacific Coast Sock / Thick Chunky Beanie / Dark Booty Pack / Coco Banana Blanket / Floral Yoga Sock / Mason Jar Lantern / Footbed Slipper / Soft Legging /

Cozy At Home


Because it’s not so nice outside, I spend my last day of vacation cozy at home! I woke up late and I’m planning to read my book and enjoy my “me time”! I bought these cool neon wool socks at Urban Outfitters last week-end in Quebec city, they are really comfy and fun with their neon accent! Oh and I present you my kitty cat, Sabath! For those who are following me on Instagram you already know her. If not there she is! She’s 13 years old, but still young at heart! She’s plays all the time, and she’s still think that she can grab her tail haha!!

Have a nice Sunday kisses


Boyfriend Blouses: Hurley / Socks: Urban Outfitters