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Happy Thursday! I have something new that I want to share with you! I created my own shop with Vide-Dressing. I just added some styles this week and they are now available here. There are two Designers vintage pieces, a unique Celine Paris blouse and a Dolce&Gabbana classic stripe blazer.

I will add more styles throughout the month, more shoes and vintage pieces, if you need any more information you can ask me your questions in the comments below or by email which you can find in my “About Me” section! Don’t be shy!!

Here are some pictures of the styles available!! Happy shopping!

CELINE Paris Front View CELINE Paris Nautical Blouse Side View Dolce & Gabbana Ticket Dr Martens Bottes 2976 Side View Vans-SK8-WedgeVans SK8-Hi Wedge Leopard side View

CELINE Paris Vintage blouse available here / Dolce & Gabbana Blazer available here / DR. Martens Chelsea Boots here / Vans SK8-Hi Wedge here & here /

Post Card From California

I’m back from California and happy to be be with my love, but I’m already missing warmth and the beach!! We spent most of the week with the Vans team and the spring 2015 collection is fabulous!!! It’s so hard to see a line so in advance and not get to wear it before a year!

As you can imagine I can’t really talk about it,  but I can show you some postcard pictures from my trip! You will see that I have a lot  of pictures from the beach, when you are from Montreal and you just spent the last five months in the cold, you kind of want to capture the moment!!!!
Enjoy xxx


Quick post before I leave for California tomorrow morning!!!! Oh yeah, bye-bye winter, snow and cold weather, hello warm weather!

We are going there to pre-line Vans spring 2015, yes already buying spring for next year, and spring is not even here yet haha!!!

This is what I packed for the week, casual and a lot of Vans!! I won’t be able to blog this week, so If you want ot follow my journey at Vans California headquarters follow my instagram: @Isabelleht have a good week xxx


Vans from left to right: Era Leopard / Era Van Doren Camo / Authentic Liberty /

All White Everything

My mood right now, all white everything! But is not only me, is your inbox full of all white newsletter like me?

Do you remember the time when wearing white during winter was a Faux Pas? I remember my mom putting her white handbag in the wardrobe every winter with our summer stuff until the next summer! Thank god those fashions laws are now gone!!

From Left to right:

Sweatshirt: / Bomber: / Boot: Little Burgundy / Tee: / Bermuda: Zara / Foldover Bag: / Trouser: / Backpack: / Slip-On: / Candle: /

Borrowed From The Boys


Yes, this is how I was feeling about myself, when I borrowed some ideas from the boys to get dressed this morning. It’s not necessarily men’s clothes, but sometimes just ideas that I get from them, or the way I wear my clothes. I mostly get inspired by old pictures of men at work from the 1920s, I can’t explain why, I just love the styles from this era.

On an other note, tomorrow is my last day at my current job, ayayay after ten years, it will be hard to say good-bye. I am an emotive person, and I cry for nothing so you can imagine how I will feel and look tomorrow in front of everyone haha!! I’m turning a page of my life, a beautiful chapter and I will keep in my heart all the memories that I collected over the years.

Borrowed-From-The-Boy-Uniqlo-Jacket Borrowed-From-The-Boy-Vans-Era-leopard Borrowed-From-The-Boy-Tiller-Brixton Borrowed-From-The-Boy-Penfield-Shirt Borrowed-From-The-Boy-Nixon-42-20 Borrowed-From-The-Boy-Trends-Setters

And because I want to finish this post on a happy note, you can laugh at this picture of me 😉 Surprise!!!

Jacket: Uniqlo / Blazer: Vintage / Shirt: Penfield / Trouser: Zara: Sneaker: Vans / Hat: Brixton / Tote: Herschel / Watch: Nixon /

Rainy Day


Bahhh! rainy day in December, not so much fun. At least it’s warmer on those days and I can wear my Matix jacket. I first bought this jacket for my boyfriend, but finally I’m the one wearing it! I frequently shop in the men’s section, who cares right?

Matix-jacket Leather-Camo-Leopard Grey-Thursday Cozy-Sweater Vans-Era-Leopard Rainy-Thursday Matix-Camo-Jacket

Jacket: Matix / Tee: H&M / Pleather pants: H&M / Sweater Vest: H&M / Sneaker: Vans /

All Black


All black outfits, it’s so easy and you can’t go wrong with them! I like to add a touch of colors with my accessories or my shoes. Like today I’m wearing my new favorite vans shoes. The Era in leopard print. I’ve always loved leopard print, and I also have a lot that goes with it in my wardrobe.

For the last couples of days, it’s been hard to dress up in the morning. In Montreal, the weather changes a lot during the day. In the morning it’s chilly, but during the day it becomes warm, that’s why I wore my leather jacket a lot lately. Wear it in the morning, tie it on your waist at lunchtime and back on your shoulder at night!! xxx

Vans-Era-Leopard Sunflowers-Trends-Setters Leather-Jacket-Update Beautiful-Sunflower All-Black-Outfit-Trends-setters From-The-Back

Pleather Jacket: H&M / Tee: My boyfriend wardrobe / Jeans:Zara / Sneaker: Vans Era /

OTH Magazine Launch Party


Last Thursday I went to the OTH magazine launch party. I always been a fan of the Off The Hook shop, they are doing an amazing job, and I can’t believe how great they’ve been growing since the past 15 years. I called them our little Colette of Montreal. I know this shop will be known Internationally soon.

You can register to their first magazine issue for free on their website

You can visit their shop at this address:

Off The Hook

1021 Ste-Catherine Ouest
Montréal, Québec

Phone : 514-499-1021

Opening Hours:

11-7 Monday to Wednesday
11-9 Thursday & Friday
11-7 Saturday
12-6 Sunday

And on their online shop here


Blazer: Zara / Jeans: BDG / Scarf: Gift From Morocco / Bag: Zara / Rings: H&M / Sneaker: Vans Era / Hat: Goorin /

B For Baseball


I bought this baseball shirt in NYC last week. I was looking for one like this for some time now, and when I came across this one, I did not hesitate! I really like this particular one, it’s super light with a boyfriend shape! You will be surprised, but it’s the only piece of clothing that I bought for myself this time in NYC! I’m shopping for a new car, so I have to stay focused on this mission for the moment 🙂 I took a couple of pictures for you in NYC, but with my iPhone. I didn’t bring my Nikon this time, sorry for the quality of the pictures. I will do a picture diary post this week! Have a nice week xxx

Zara-Skort-Trends-Setters Vans-Sk8-Wedge-H&M-Shirt-Zara-Skort Vans-SK8-Wedge Tag-Necklace-Trends-Setters It's-Still-Summer-Baseball-Look-trends-SettersB-For-Baseball-Trends-setters Baseball-Shirt-H&M-Trends-Setters Baseball-Shirt-H&M

Baseball Shirt: H&M / Skort: Zara / Sk8-hi Wedge Vans: Amnesia / Necklace: Amnesia / Leather Cap: Asos /

After The Rain


Sometimes I am really enjoying the rain outside. In a chalet up north, chill-in while reading a good book, listening the rain dropping outside, it’s the kind of moment that I really enjoy. And, days like today. It has been really really warm here in Montreal and with the humidity factor it feel like 46 degrees Celcius (117 degrees Fahrenheit). Yep! that’s hot and humid haha! So when the rain started to drop at the end of the afternoon, I have to say that I was happy, especially when I finished my day and felt some fresh air, it feels good!

I  haven’t done an outfit post lately, so we took these pictures after work today. Because it’s so hot these days I keep it simple!! I brought that leather jacket today because sometimes the air conditioner is so high at work that I’m freezing!! And, yes on my feet are my new fav Vans X Liberty authentic, so cute. I’m in love with them!! Talking about Vans I saw their footwear spring 2014 today, a lot of nice styles, this order will be hard to do, like all Vans orders, too much nice stuff!!

Happy Wednesday!

Vans-Authentic-Liberty-CollabTired-Up-Black-White-Trends-setters Raining-Leather-Jacket-Umbrella Green-AlleyBack-Hurley-Boyfrind-Denim-Short Back-Leather-Jacket Authentic-Liberty-Back-Focus-Trends-setters After-The-Sun-Come-The-Rain After-The-Rain-Trends-settersLook-Up-The-Sky

Jacket: Zara (last fall) / Boyfriend short: Hurley / Tee: Billabong / Necklace: Billbong / Sneaker: Vans X Liberty /