Post Card From California

I’m back from California and happy to be be with my love, but I’m already missing warmth and the beach!! We spent most of the week with the Vans team and the spring 2015 collection is fabulous!!! It’s so hard to see a line so in advance and not get to wear it before a year!

As you can imagine I can’t really talk about it,  but I can show you some postcard pictures from my trip! You will see that I have a lot  of pictures from the beach, when you are from Montreal and you just spent the last five months in the cold, you kind of want to capture the moment!!!!
Enjoy xxx


Quick post before I leave for California tomorrow morning!!!! Oh yeah, bye-bye winter, snow and cold weather, hello warm weather!

We are going there to pre-line Vans spring 2015, yes already buying spring for next year, and spring is not even here yet haha!!!

This is what I packed for the week, casual and a lot of Vans!! I won’t be able to blog this week, so If you want ot follow my journey at Vans California headquarters follow my instagram: @Isabelleht have a good week xxx


Vans from left to right: Era Leopard / Era Van Doren Camo / Authentic Liberty /

Las Vegas Through Los Angeles Pictures Diary

Wow! I didn’t post anything for a week, that was the longest time without blogging since a long time!! I’m super happy to be back home,  but in the same time I already missed the sun of L.A. It was a really cool trip, really inspiring I have a tons of great ideas for my fall 2014 buys wich I have to do in the up coming weeks!

We did a two-days stores visit in Los Angeles, we saw the coolest stores, eat healthy food and enjoyed the hot sun of California. Oh and I finally found my Adidas slide sandals, now I just can’t wait to finally have the chance to wear them. Sun, when are you planning to come in Montreal?

Here’s my pictures diary of my trip, you can roll over the pictures to see the comment!

In My Luggage For Christmas

We are the 22nd already, and in two days I will be with my family in Quebec city and I can’t wait. I had to do my luggage today as I’m leaving after work the 24th. I thought I should show you what I’m packing!!

First outfit, what I’ll be wearing for our Christmas Eve party


I choose for the occasion, a red maxi dress wich I will wear with my biker jacket and black heels, simple as that!

Dress: H&M / Biker Jacket: H&M (Similar) / Heels: Acne / Nail Polish Essie: Blood Curdling / Lipstick: Kate Rimmel # 111 / Blowout Cream: Matrix


During the day of the 25th, I will help my mom making food for dinner, so I have to be comfy!

Men’s Shirt: Country By Jax / Jeans: Zara / Boot: Zara / Perfume: Chloé / Lipbalm: Kiehl’s / Body Cream: Kiehl’s / Hand Cream: Kiehl’s /


And for our Christmas dinner I will shine bright like a diamond 😉

Dress: Zara / Sandals: Nine West / BB Cream: Marcelle / Eyeliner Gel: Maybelline /

New York Diary Part One

I’m back, but not so happy … I love being in New York, I could have stayed longer! Once my boyfriend got there, we spend most of our time in Brooklyn except for Saturday afternoon where we walk through Lower andUpper East Side and had a picnic in the middle of Central Park!!

This is the first part of my picture diary because there is nothing better than pictures to explain the beauty of New York.

Hover the pictures to see the captions


Sorry for my silence for the past couples of days, I’m in NYC right enjoying the city, I will be back tomorrow, until that I leave you with this superb Lanvin window in his Upper East Side Boutique


xoxo Trends-Setters 😉


Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a lovely long weekend, for my part I really enjoyed my time in Saratoga, New York. It was a rather unique experience for me to sleep in a tipi. I felt closer to nature and it made me feel really good. Spend time disconnected from all technologies, cooking on a fire and walking through the fall colors. It was perfect, a kind of detox. You should try, go out for a weekend away from home and turn off your cell phone, you will see! Here are some pictures from our trip, they are totally not related to fashion, but I wanted to share them with you anyway xxx

Beautiful-Car Beautiful-Colors Beautilful-Horse Cabane-abandonné Champlain-Lake Desolation-Lake Double-Treats Greens Horse-&-Me Jazzman Je-L'aime Mon-Amoureux Oranger Our-Tipi the-two-horses

Long Week-End


I just got back from Quebec City. I took advantage of the long week-end to visit my mom and my family. I love spending time in Quebec, visit my favorite spots where I used to hang out as a teenager and eat at my favorite little restaurants. We were lucky enough to have a nice weather all week-end except today for our trip back.

Now that I have a couples hours left of my Monday, I will do some cooking and cocooning 🙂 I hope you had a great long week-end and try to enjoy the few hours left. xxx

Sous-La-Chute Perfection Fleurs-Trends-setters En Plein Fleurs Basic-Promenade Zara-Zebra-SandalsL'amoureux Haute-Ville Gelato-Brisure-De-Macarons Keep-It-Real Paillard St-Jean

Tee: Antistar / Jeans & Sandals: Zara / Necklace: Amnesia / Bag: Zara

Las Vegas Photo Diary

Like I said, I took a lot of pictures for you in Vegas of all the different shows I have been to; Magic, Project, Pool, Capsule, Agenda and Liberty. Unfortunately, I can’t show you products shots, because they are for Spring 2014 so we are not allowed to publish them just yet. Also, I took the pictures with my Iphone so sorry if the quality is not that great! I hope you’ll enjoy this post and let me know if you have any questions or comments!!

If you want to read the captions for each shots, just hover the pictures!


As you can see every show as his own feel, it’s really inspiring 🙂

New York Photo Diary

As promised I made a little photo diary of my lastest New York trip, Enjoy!! If you have any comments or questions about a picture let me know!!