That’s right, I have a new pair of sneaker on my shelves, again!! I’m totally obsessed with Adidas this spring, I even have to control myself. The day I bought my new Superstar, I practically bought: a pair of runner, one hoodie, one pair of leggings and then I said to myself, Isa let’s face it, you have a terrace to built on your roof this summer. Yes, sometime you have to face your priority you know haha!!

Sunny-Saterday-In-Griffintown First-Spring-Day Jacket-Burberry-Sneaker-Adidas-Superstar Crew-H&M Burberry I-Love-Spring Trends-Setters-Burberry Melting-Snow Superstar-Adidas

Sneaker: Adidas Superstar / Trouser: H&M / Crew: H&M / Jacket: Burberry / Sunglasses: Super Retro Future /

In The Middle Of Chinatown


These pictures where taken a couples of weeks ago, as you can see I had no fringe at that time! There was still a small amount of snow on the ground in Montreal, but it was the first nice week-end and everyone was outside, enjoying the sun. I love the first days of spring, it gives me a boost of energy and happiness, and I’m sure is the same for everyone who live in a country with a real winter with snow and cold weather!

That day we walked from home through Chinatown, I love hanging out there, you can find very interesting stuff, like these cute moving flowers! I also go there to do my grocery sometimes and buy some tea 🙂

Now I’m going to enjoy my evening reading and relax. Not that easy taking back my working beat after my super relaxing week off haha!! ciao ciao and have a good night xx

studded-ankle-boot Trends-setters-place-des-arts-montreal Moving-Flowers In-The-Middle-Of-ChinaTown Trends-setters-looking trends-setters-black-beanie Burberry-trends-setters-Coffee

Jacket: Burberry / Angora Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Zara / Studded boot: Aldo / Beanie: Army Surplus / Sunnies: Amnesia / Bag: Vintage