Sorry for my silence this past couples of days, it was my birthday this Sunday and I am really lucky to have such a good friends and boyfriend in my life!! I had an awesome week-end that I spend with the ones I love, this is the way that I wanted to celebrate my birthday,

Oh and I changed my hair, I will show you soon, but today I wanted to share with you some pictures that inspired me lately!

Enjoy xxx

Pictures via: Fashion Gone Rogue / L’Officiel / I Love You Wildfox / India Rose /

From The Streets Of…

Here’s my favorite street style for the month, I particularly like the last picture, I love her sweatshirt! What’s your favorite street style pictures? Send me your pictures at this address: and you can be features in my next Monthly Street Style post!!! Don’t forget to leave me your blog address if you have one 🙂

Pictures via: Carolines Mode / I’M KOO / The Sartorialist / Grazia.Fr /

The Best Of London Fashion Week – Part Two

From The Street:

There’s so much good stuff on these pictures, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do! Since, I did London before New York, I will do my favorite of New York fashion week street styles this week-end! xxx

Pictures via: Grazia Uk / Carolines Mode Vogue /



We really had fun Karim and I, doing this photoshoot, I think we make a really good team together! His good artistic eyes and my passion for fashion. We took those pictures in the parking of L’Arsenal, an art gallery in my neighbourhood. I found the place to be perfect for what I had in mind. I got my inspiration for this shoot from the #162 issue of Jalouse magazine, Stella McCartney fall 2013 and my new pair of trouser.

Since my last visit at an Acne store in Stockholm I wanted a pair of oversize trouser and I finally found them last Friday at my favorite thrift shop. It’s the type of pants that you can find in your dads wardrobe 😉 I’m pretty happy with my findings, they have the Acne-ish look that I wanted!















Hat: Vintage / Trouser: Club Monaco / Tee: My Boyfriend Closet / Suspender: D-tox / Blazer: Zara / Sandals: Aldo /

Pictures by Karim Dahou

The only make up I wear is my Kiehl’s lip balm



Let me introduce you to a young new brand that have a lot to say and nothing to stop them!

HGHSTRNG / YD&HS is a multi-label integrated anti-fashion clothing house. Since 2009 they have been independently run and creatively built from the ground up, while making their own mark on independent fashion anarchism. The brand(s) have been functioning as an evolving propaganda for their visions of high society illusions, with re-emerging themes of breaking down and mocking social views laid on by the so called “elitists, modern society and the luxury world”

That’s waht they’re about. Not bad right! In the Big “world” of Fashion you have to make your place and it is not easy in a society where everything goes so fast. Of course I like High Fashion, and I would love to have some Chanel in my closet, but I also like people like HGHSTRNG who are not scarred to bring high-fashion to another level, and share their view of it!

They will be launching their new collection on May 20th stay tune! For now go check their Blog here ENJOY!