Las Vegas Through Los Angeles Pictures Diary

Wow! I didn’t post anything for a week, that was the longest time without blogging since a long time!! I’m super happy to be back home,  but in the same time I already missed the sun of L.A. It was a really cool trip, really inspiring I have a tons of great ideas for my fall 2014 buys wich I have to do in the up coming weeks!

We did a two-days stores visit in Los Angeles, we saw the coolest stores, eat healthy food and enjoyed the hot sun of California. Oh and I finally found my Adidas slide sandals, now I just can’t wait to finally have the chance to wear them. Sun, when are you planning to come in Montreal?

Here’s my pictures diary of my trip, you can roll over the pictures to see the comment!

Las Vegas Photo Diary

Like I said, I took a lot of pictures for you in Vegas of all the different shows I have been to; Magic, Project, Pool, Capsule, Agenda and Liberty. Unfortunately, I can’t show you products shots, because they are for Spring 2014 so we are not allowed to publish them just yet. Also, I took the pictures with my Iphone so sorry if the quality is not that great! I hope you’ll enjoy this post and let me know if you have any questions or comments!!

If you want to read the captions for each shots, just hover the pictures!


As you can see every show as his own feel, it’s really inspiring 🙂

Bring Me Some Scandinavian Clothes


Hey! I’m back from Vegas, it was an awesome week, filled with lots of inspiration and fun! I even had the chance to see Pharell live at his BBC party at Pure, you can’t imagine how excited I was haha!! I danced all night long with my new ACNE heels I’m wearing on these pictures. I have to say that an expensive pair of heels is worth it because you really can feel the difference on your feet. I danced with them all night long until 3 am, there’s no way I could have done that with cheap uncomfortable heels haha!!

These pictures where taken yesterday. My boyfriend and I had a date, we really missed each other, and this night was perfect. 🙂 I’m wearing a new pair of short that I found in a thrift shop, they are from Libertine, a Copenhagen line. When I discovered where they were designed, I wasn’t surprised that I fell in love with them. Another Scandinavian piece in my wardrobe!! I have a rooftop party this afternoon which I have to get ready for, oh and I took some pictures of Las Vegas for you, I will post them for you very soon 🙂 xx

Leather-Cap-Asos-Bomber-H&MI-Have-A-Date-Trendssetters Too-Happy-To-Be-Back Libertine-Short Leather-Baseball-Cap-AsosAmnesia-Ear-Cuff Griffintown-Montreal-Trendssetters Crocro-Messenger-H&M

Leather Cap: Asos / Bomber jacket: H&M Similar / Tank: Zara / Short: Libertine / Messenger: H&M / Heels: ACNE / Sport Bra: Joe Fresh / Ear Cuff: Amnesia / Midi Ring: H&M /