I’m On Surftrain!

A couples of weeks ago, one of the founders of the new concept Surftrain, contacted me to ask if I would like to be a pioneer in using Surftrain. Of course I accepted! Surftrain is a tool that I can use to bring you on differents websites or shops that matters to me. For example, I did my first one, about my favorites trends for the spring/summer season. In the video I’ll bring you into different shops to show you my favorites pieces of the season, and what is really cool about it is that you can actually shop during the video, you just have to add the items to your basket and come back after the video!

I find it’s a cool way for me to be in contact with you. I made the first one in French, to be more comfortable, I’m sorry for my English followers, the next one will be in English I promise! Since I made it a couples weeks ago, it is more about spring, but still accurate. I really hope you will like it and please don’t be shy to leave comments and if you have an idea for my next one, let me know, I’m really open to any suggestions!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, my followers, for supporting me. Some of you since the beginning. You are the reason why I’m doing it. It’s a real pleasure for me to share my passion for fashion with you xxx

To watch it, just click the play button!


Via Oracle Fox

I’ve always felt as though fashion and music have an intrinsic connection.  Courtney Love once said..”Rock is all about writing your own script, it’s all about pioneering”.  The same could be said about fashion or the way that you could perceive personal style.  For me, those who always stand out in the fashion pack are the ones who march to the beat of their own drum, smash the guitar on the main stage and crowd dive into the audience with reckless abandon. So embrace your inner Axel, throw on some heavy metal..music or jewellery and get ready to rock’n’roll baby…xx

Totally true!!!!