All Black

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All black outfits, it’s so easy and you can’t go wrong with them! I like to add a touch of colors with my accessories or my shoes. Like today I’m wearing my new favorite vans shoes. The Era in leopard print. I’ve always loved leopard print, and I also have a lot that goes with it in my wardrobe.

For the last couples of days, it’s been hard to dress up in the morning. In Montreal, the weather changes a lot during the day. In the morning it’s chilly, but during the day it becomes warm, that’s why I wore my leather jacket a lot lately. Wear it in the morning, tie it on your waist at lunchtime and back on your shoulder at night!! xxx

Vans-Era-Leopard Sunflowers-Trends-Setters Leather-Jacket-Update Beautiful-Sunflower All-Black-Outfit-Trends-setters From-The-Back

Pleather Jacket: H&M / Tee: My boyfriend wardrobe / Jeans:Zara / Sneaker: Vans Era /

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