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Dose raw & organic


I’m editing a post for later on today, but before that, I wanted to talk you about the Dose juices . One of my friends introduced me to this new juice brand and I fell in love with it, not only with the juice itself, but with their concept it’s just great! If you live in Montreal and you do not know Dose well you will soon! I absolutely had to share with you my discovery, first their concept: you choose your dose 🙂 between; Tango , Samba , Cactus and Taxi . Then you give them your address at work and every day or according to your wishes , fresh juice will be delivered right to your door ! Great isn’t? Juices contain only fresh fruits and vegetables , nothing other than real ingredients and what we actually need to stay healthy. I invite you to follow their Facebook page to learn more about them and about their next point of sales because they are also available in some coffee joints in town , try them !

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