Long Bob

08/20/13 by


One of my favorites summer activities is to do pic-nics with my boyfriend at Le Canal Lachine near our house. Spending time there relaxing, reading a good book and eating good food, that’s real life for me! I brought my camera to show you my new hair :) I’m wearing no make-up and I had a party the night before so be understanding!!

When I got back home after my hair dresser appointment, I told myself that I should cut them a 1“5 shorter haha!! Next time, in a month or so I will cut them a little bit shorter and redo my shading. Have a good week folks xxx

Red-Path Paisley New-Short-Hair New-Long-Bob-Hair Le-Canal-En-Pleins-Soleil Jewelry-Details Crocro-messenger-Dainty-Converse

Dress: Le Chateau / Messenger: H&M / Midi Ring: H&M (similar)  / Bracelet: Amnesia / Sneaker: Converse /

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