Street Looks From NYC Fashion Week FW 2014-2015 Part One

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There’s a lot of Catwalks going on since the 6th of February at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. When I was looking for street styles inspirations, I noticed that a lot of girls and guys didn’t take the cold weather of New York city at this time of the year into consideration. A lot of them where way too undressed for the cold and they seemed frozen on their picture and for me when you can’t manage to dress considering the weather it’s a fashion faux-pas…

So, that being said, here’s my favorite street styles from the first days at the Mercedes  Benz fashion week. Scarves, Oversize coat, fur and layering where everywehre. One of the best to layer the coolest pieces of clothes together is the Australian blogger Margaret Zhang from Shine By Three wich you can see on the last picture. Even if it’s summer for her in her Country she managed to dress warm and still look really stylish, that’s right girl you know how to do it!!

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4 thoughts on “Street Looks From NYC Fashion Week FW 2014-2015 Part One

  1. Carsla Peyton | February 12, 2014 @ 9:56 pm

    Fashion Week = Street Style Galore ;D I love it! Looking forward to your future posts!

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

    • Isabelle T. | February 13, 2014 @ 6:46 am

      🙂 thank so much Carsla! Really happy to have you as a reader!!

  2. Tasja from Ginätha | February 23, 2014 @ 4:04 pm

    Oh wow, so awesome :O

    • Isabelle T. | February 23, 2014 @ 5:34 pm


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