Summer Wish-List

I went shopping last week-end, and now there’s so many things that I want from the summer collections, ahh life is so not fair ;p kidding!!! I bought these pieces from the H&M Conscious collection that where on sale!!! Yep, the entire collection is now on sale, so if you don’t want to miss it, it’s time to go!!

But then there are other great pieces that I want, most of them from Aritzia, by the way, their new store on Sainte-Catherine Street is BEAUTIFUL!!! The rest is from Zara & H&M, look at that Kimono, it would be so perfect for my next trip!! You can shop for them online, I added the links at the end of the post, enjoy!!

Pre-Summer Shopping

Dress, Kimono & Bag: Aritzia / Sweater: Zara / Short: H&M /

Shopping Selection

Sélection Shopping

That’s it, I have a shopping craving, it is always in the moments when you can’t spend your money on clothes that these cravings are stronger, for me it is!

Why I can’t shop in the moment? Well my boyfriend and I are in the process of building a roof top terrace! You understand that a staircase, materials, furniture and all the beautiful plants that I see in my head, well that cost a lot of money! So, I have no choice but to rethink my priorities and it is not the clothes that are missing in my wardrobe!

But this is only a postponement, during this time well I’m doing some “window shopping” on the web and I deliberately make you spend for me haha! You can’t blame me right ;)

From the top left corner to the right:

Shopper En Cuir: Zara / Big Faux Pearl Choker: Asos / Xl Shirt: Zara / T-shirt Bauhaus: FrontRowShop / Cardigan: Zara / Crop Top Asymmetric: FrontRowShop / Boyfriend Jeans: FrontRowShop / Raffia Espadrille: Zara / Stella Skirt: Need Supply /Trenchcoat: Zara / Ankle Boot Sandal: Zara /

New Stuffs

Vacation at home means : shopping for new stuffs!! I did a couple of new buys during my vacation, some stuff that I wanted for a while witch I can now remove form my wishes list and some other “coup de coeur” that I couldn’t resist!


I’ll be so comfy in those camo harem pants this summer!NEW-DRESS-BIG-BOW NEW-DRESS-FOCUS NEW-ROMANTIC-DRESS

I couldn’t resit this cuty dress with her bog bow, so cute!NEW-FLORAL-DENIM-VEST-2 NEW-FLORAL-DENIM-VEST

This floral denim jacket, will be perfect for the chilly summer nights!NEW-SEXY-BODY

Wow, one of my new favorite pieces, a neoprene one pieces with a sexy mesh insert! I’m thinking of this piece for my birthday outfit!NEW-SKORT-ZARA

Yeah! I finally got the skort from Zara, they have it white and black, a perfect skirt-short!NEW-STUFF-NEON

I added some neon colors to my wardrobe with this tank top and my new wool socks that I got recently. here!

Camo Harem Pants: Zara / Dress: G21 / Jeans Jacket: G21 / One Piece: H&M / Skort: Zara / Neon Wool Socks: Urban Outfitters