That 70s Show Part Two


I’m back with the second part of my That 70s Show! In this part I want to talk to you about how you can integrate that trend without going full force, like I did in these pictures.

First there’s the key items:

  • Flare Jeans/Trouser
  • Satchel Bags
  • Button-Front Skirts
  • Mid-Length Skirt
  • Long Coat With Fur Collar
  • Belted Jacket
  • Earth Tones
  • Wide Brim Hats
  • Mid Heeled Ankle & High Knee boots
  • Fringes
  • Cape
  • Round Shape Sunnies

You see you have more than one option to try this trend without looking too “retro”. Want to try that flare comeback? Paired them with a plain white blouse and neutral platform heels. Only with the perfect satchel bag and a great pairs of round sunglasses you will rock that 70s show your own way! I added a Pantone colours palette at the end of the article that define the look, it can help you choose your pieces!

Details-That-70s-show-part-two That-70s-show-part-two That-70s-show-part-two-Brixton-Vega That-70s-show-part-two-Trendssetters That-70s-show-part-two-Trends-settersThat-70s-show-part-two-Details Trends-setters-That-70s-show-part-two


Still not convinced? Share your thoughts with me!

Belted Jacket: Vintage (similar here) / Blouse: Zara / Trouser: Parisian (similar here) / Hat: Brixton Festival Collection / Boot: Vintage (similar here) / Coat: Zara /

That 70s Show


That 70s Show, yes the seventies are definitely back in fashion!! We’ve seen its reintroduction from the past seasons. Slowly, but certainly and next fall, be prepared its will be the most seen trend.

We took these pictures last week-end, before I’ve seen Chloé runaways, and now since I’ve seen it I’m even more into the seventies comeback. Her collection is by far my favourite of the season, but I will share with you my comments about it later this week.

Every piece I wear in the pictures are vintage and I’m proud of it. There’s nothing better than the real deal right? So how are you feeling about a seventies comeback?? Please leave me your comments and I will share them in my part two, cause yes,  there is a part two!! Stay tuned!

That-70-Show-Vintage-Suede-Skirt Trends-setters-That-70-ShowThat-70-Show-Fur-Collar-Vintage-Coat Button-Up-Suede-SkirtThat-70-Show-Trends-setters That-70-Show-Effiloché That-70-Show-Boots That-70-Show That-70-Show-Suede-Skirt That-70-Show-Sepia

Looking for something similar? Look at these link:

Jacket similar here & here  / Fisherman similar here / Button-Front Skirts here, here & here / Boot here & here /



It feels like plus three in Montreal today, after spending the last 10 days with a minus twenty degrees, it’s great to be able to wear something else than my down jacket! Don’t get me wrong I love my Penfield jacket, but I’m the kind of girl who prefer changes, especially that I have a lot of jackets to wear!!!

This week-end I finally found the fisherman sweater that I was looking for. Navy with a turtleneck, a great classic that I will keep for life! Do you own one?

Trends-setters-Fisherman FRYE-Boots Fisherman-Trendssetters Atwater-Market Fisherman-Sweater Silver-dragon-Trends-setters

Hat: H&M / Jacket: Billabong / Fisherman: Vintage (Similar here) / Scarf: (Similar here) / Jeans: Tristan / Boot: Frye /

My Shop

Happy Thursday! I have something new that I want to share with you! I created my own shop with Vide-Dressing. I just added some styles this week and they are now available here. There are two Designers vintage pieces, a unique Celine Paris blouse and a Dolce&Gabbana classic stripe blazer.

I will add more styles throughout the month, more shoes and vintage pieces, if you need any more information you can ask me your questions in the comments below or by email which you can find in my “About Me” section! Don’t be shy!!

Here are some pictures of the styles available!! Happy shopping!

CELINE Paris Front View CELINE Paris Nautical Blouse Side View Dolce & Gabbana Ticket Dr Martens Bottes 2976 Side View Vans-SK8-WedgeVans SK8-Hi Wedge Leopard side View

CELINE Paris Vintage blouse available here / Dolce & Gabbana Blazer available here / DR. Martens Chelsea Boots here / Vans SK8-Hi Wedge here & here /

Chunky Sweater


Nothing better than a chunky sweater to keep us warm during the cold season. This one is vintage, it’s oversized the way I like them. I discovered an handmade knitwear collection on Instagram last week wich I fell in love with, I Love Mr. Mittens. You have to go take a look at her collection, from the chunky beanie to the perfect cable knit!!

Chunky-SweaterShadow Trends-Setters-Chunky-SweaterCloser Dolores-Tattoo Home Brixton-Hat

Chunky Sweater: Vintage / Legging: Zara / Tank: Zara / Necklace: Top Shop / Hat: Brixton / Heels: Acne /



We really had fun Karim and I, doing this photoshoot, I think we make a really good team together! His good artistic eyes and my passion for fashion. We took those pictures in the parking of L’Arsenal, an art gallery in my neighbourhood. I found the place to be perfect for what I had in mind. I got my inspiration for this shoot from the #162 issue of Jalouse magazine, Stella McCartney fall 2013 and my new pair of trouser.

Since my last visit at an Acne store in Stockholm I wanted a pair of oversize trouser and I finally found them last Friday at my favorite thrift shop. It’s the type of pants that you can find in your dads wardrobe 😉 I’m pretty happy with my findings, they have the Acne-ish look that I wanted!















Hat: Vintage / Trouser: Club Monaco / Tee: My Boyfriend Closet / Suspender: D-tox / Blazer: Zara / Sandals: Aldo /

Pictures by Karim Dahou

The only make up I wear is my Kiehl’s lip balm

Still A Kid


It’s been really warm in Montreal or a couple of days, with the humidity it feels like 34 degrees (93 Fahrenheit) so with this weather, I only feel like dressing like when I was a kid, jeans short with a lightweight top. In this outfit I’m wearing a vintage Ralph Lauren cropped top with a pair of DIY Levis short that I made two years ago with an old pair of Levis jeans.

It was a really easy project. I cut them the length that I waned and added some studs to give them a more edgy feel. Especially when is hot like that I never wear make-up, only for special occasions or when I go out.

It is supposed to be a nice here this week, not that humid. So I’ll be able to wear anything that I want and take more outfit posts. Last week was really rainny. Have a good Sunday xxx

Hot-Day-In-Montreal-Trends-settersWhite-Ox-Concerse Vintage-Ralph-Lauren-&-Levis Studded-Levis-ShortOutfit-Detail-Delicate-Anchor-NecklaceKarim Obey-Trucker-Cap-Trends-setters Obey-Cap-Ralph-Lauren-Top-Levis-Short-Converse-Shoes Huf-Tee-Karim Levis-Vintage-Short Kids-For-Life

Top: Ralph Lauren / Short: Levis / Trucker Cap: Obey / Sneaker: Ox Chuck Converse / Necklace: Amnesia /

Grunge Girl


I was born in the early 80’s, humm should I say that??? Haha, and I grew up directly in the Grunge period, listening to Nirvana religiously, dyeing my hair with my brother at home with not so good products. It was a really cool time.

I was the only one of my age where i grew up. But with my bigger brother I had the chance to experiece that era and really enjoy it! Now it’s such a part of me, I can’t get rid of my Dr. Martens, or my old Chuck Taylor’s, and even less my plaid shirts. I’m actually looking to get a new Bomber jacket, a green one this time! You remember the army jacket that all the bad boys had in the 90’s?

Every morning, I get dressed, depending on my mood or the weather. For that outfit, it was a gray day in Montreal, not rainy only gray… and it made me feel nostalgic. Do you remember those jeans from H&M, I think they were inspired by G-Star. Anyway, they are kind of really comfy harem jeans. I still have the two colors they made! Paired with a men’s tee from Element, my favorite old plaid shirt and my black bomber, that’s how I get my Grungy look!

trends-setters-Close-up close-up-jeans silence-trends-setters Ear-Cuff-trendssetters Red-Hair-Girls Felling-Free Loose-fit-Jeans

Jeans: H&M / Tee: Element / Plaid Shirt: Vintage: Bomber: Et Vous, Paris / Ankle Boot: Aldo / EarCuff: Amnesia / Belt: Vintage

White on white

Yeah!! Welcome to my new blog!! I’m so glad it’s finally finished, I couldn’t wait to start to blog again! My boyfriend worked hard to make your visit more enjoyable and easier for you. My Tumblr will still be on, it will be a short version of my blog. I moved to wordpress to improve my blogging, I didn’t have the liberty that I wanted on Tumblr. There are some new gadgets, you can now choose your language in the top right corner!

Since the last couples of weeks, I prepared in advance some posts that I can finally share with you 🙂 For the occasion here’s my last real winter post, hopefully!!!

Furry Hat Canal Lachine White Converse on snow White on white outfit White Griffintown Up in the AirRed hair

Don’t worry, I live close to that place, I didn’t catch a cold! This is the Canal Lachine covered with snow, it’s in my neighborhood; Griffintown. What do you think about the new interface? I want your feedback!!

Fur hat : Vintage / Blazer : Zara / Sweater : Zara / Trouser : Zara / sneaker : Converse /       Quilted bag : Vintage /  Necklace : H&M / bracelets : Amnesia / Belt : Zara