Copenhagen Day 1

06/17/13 by


After our first day in Copenhagen, I can say I’m in love with the city. People out here are beautiful and nice, everyone says “hello” to us! The city is very clean, everyone has a bike here so there’s not many cars and so much less noise There is a certain calm that the city reflects and I love it. Everything is design here, even at the the airport, we could see it in the architecture and the furniture. There are design shops everywhere, Karim freak out literally, he would love bring everything to Montreal, but we can’t obviously fit everything in our luggage…

From a fashion point of view, wow, this city is so inspiring. Just watching people walking by, my head is full of ideas already. people here are very unique! They even ride their bicycles with style while sipping their morning coffee! I finally visited a COS store! I loved their minimalist style plus they are on sale right now;)

I do not have internet access in our apartment, it’s harder than I thought it would be to blog, but this morning we finally found a nice little cafe with a connection. I leave you on that note for today, we have full of places to see today and the sun is in the game xxx

White-tee-Black-jeans-East-Outfit-Copenhagen-day-1Verdure-Copenhagen-day-1Vintage-Denim-Shirt-Copenhagen-day-1The-Canal-Copenhagen-Day-1Outfit-Copenhagen-day-1Louis-Vuitton-Fixed-Bike-Copenhagen-day-1Isabelle.t-and-the-scary-women-copenhagen-day-1Church-tower-Copenhagen-day-1Giant-Anchor-Copenhagen-Day-1 Easy-Outfit-Copenhagen-day-1 Close-Up-Copenhagen-day-1

Denim Shirt: Vintage / Tee: I don’t remember 😉 / Jeans: Zara / Sneaker: Converse / Jacket: Urban Outfitters /

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