B For Baseball


I bought this baseball shirt in NYC last week. I was looking for one like this for some time now, and when I came across this one, I did not hesitate! I really like this particular one, it’s super light with a boyfriend shape! You will be surprised, but it’s the only piece of clothing that I bought for myself this time in NYC! I’m shopping for a new car, so I have to stay focused on this mission for the moment 🙂 I took a couple of pictures for you in NYC, but with my iPhone. I didn’t bring my Nikon this time, sorry for the quality of the pictures. I will do a picture diary post this week! Have a nice week xxx

Zara-Skort-Trends-Setters Vans-Sk8-Wedge-H&M-Shirt-Zara-Skort Vans-SK8-Wedge Tag-Necklace-Trends-Setters It's-Still-Summer-Baseball-Look-trends-SettersB-For-Baseball-Trends-setters Baseball-Shirt-H&M-Trends-Setters Baseball-Shirt-H&M

Baseball Shirt: H&M / Skort: Zara / Sk8-hi Wedge Vans: Amnesia / Necklace: Amnesia / Leather Cap: Asos /

Under The Sun


I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed my long week-end! Thanks Queen Elizabeth II. We started our Saturday with a bike ride to Wellington street under the sun, where we walked a bit and discovered nice park not too far south.

The river was surrounded by a kind of giant wheat, it was unreal. We felt, Karim and me, in a different city for a couples of minutes, a feeling that I really like. We spent some time on the waterside, and then we made a picnic on the Canal Lachine, our first of the season!

We finished our day with a movie at the movie theater, The Great Gatsby, it was okay… I think I had too big expectations for that movie, but it always a pleasure to see Leonardo Dicaprio! I don’t know if you have noticed, but my outfit was inspired by this picture from my last post 😉

Rue-Sans-Issue-TrendssettersMarecage Le-Saules Karim-Dans-Le-Champs-De-BleBle Harem-Jeans-Zara Favorite-Bird Desert-One-Piece-Swim-Billabong Ciel-Bleu Blast-Of-ColorsArm-Tattoo Back-tattoo-Trendssetters

Orange Sweater: RVCA / Desert Swimsuit: Billabong / Harem Jeans: Zara / Sneaker: Nike / Scarf As A Turban: From Morroco / Sunnies: Amnesia / Bracelet: H&M / Messenger: Zara

My New Nike Free 3.0


Seriously, what was I doing all this time without a pair of Nike Free 3.0? Since I got them I just want to wear them every day, for every occasion! Okay I may exaggerate a bit, but I’m really in love with them. They are so comfy, their name was chosen with due, it is true that you feel free with these shoes on your feet!

I found them last week in New York. I wanted a pair for a few weeks now, but I could not find them in a basic color anywhere.. Now that I have them, they will be my best friend in Sweden!

We snapped these pics last Monday. I’m really into the Sporty Chic these days. I like to mix a nice blazer with basic elements and a pair a runners to rock my day! Monday it’s always a busy day for me as I go trough all my reports to be prepared for my Tuesday meeting. But it’s not a hard task for me, since analyzing my reports is one of my favorite aspect of my job!

How was your Monday guys?

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Nike-Run-Free-Black&-WhiteLeather-Cap-AsosBack-Graffiti-On-White-Wall Bracelet-Gold-Spike-And-Coral La-Ruelle La-Ruelle-Verte Nike-Free-3-Women Zara-White-BlazerLeather-Cap-Smiling-Eyes

Trainers: Nike Free 3.0 / Leather Cap: Asos / Long White Blazer: Zara / Pale Pink Blazer: H&M / Trouser: Zara / Tee: H&M / Bracelets & Necklace: Amnesia /

First Bike Rides


I’m finally out of the inactivity of winter, we did our first bike ride last Saturday, I don’t know why but didn’t use any sunscreen. Well, I used sunscreen only on my face FAIL!!!! Both of us got our first sunburn. Not big ones, but during a bike ride under the sun when it’s at is zenith, big mistake! We finished our day, by a walk downtown to get our new magazines issues!

I got to use my new Herschel backpack, isn’t perfect!! I got it for my next trip. Speaking of traveling, I’m leaving tomorrow to NYC for business. I can’t wait, I love New York. If you want to see some pictures while I’m gone, you can follow my Instagram

Have a good week! xoxo

Karim-On-His-FixedSaules-Pleureurs-Bord-de-L'eau Nautical-herschel-ViewKarim-First-Bike-Ride-breakfavorites-Tree-everFuny-Face-harem-PantsClose-Up-Bow-Mango-bag Black-&-White-Mirror-Sunglasses

Backpack Herschel: Arsenic / Converse: Amnesia / Harem Pants: Zara / Tee: Zara / Snake Sandals: Aldo / Necklace: H&M / Bow Bag; Mango / Sunnies: Amnesia / Spike Bracelet: Amnesia /

In The Middle Of Chinatown


These pictures where taken a couples of weeks ago, as you can see I had no fringe at that time! There was still a small amount of snow on the ground in Montreal, but it was the first nice week-end and everyone was outside, enjoying the sun. I love the first days of spring, it gives me a boost of energy and happiness, and I’m sure is the same for everyone who live in a country with a real winter with snow and cold weather!

That day we walked from home through Chinatown, I love hanging out there, you can find very interesting stuff, like these cute moving flowers! I also go there to do my grocery sometimes and buy some tea 🙂

Now I’m going to enjoy my evening reading and relax. Not that easy taking back my working beat after my super relaxing week off haha!! ciao ciao and have a good night xx

studded-ankle-boot Trends-setters-place-des-arts-montreal Moving-Flowers In-The-Middle-Of-ChinaTown Trends-setters-looking trends-setters-black-beanie Burberry-trends-setters-Coffee

Jacket: Burberry / Angora Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Zara / Studded boot: Aldo / Beanie: Army Surplus / Sunnies: Amnesia / Bag: Vintage

Quiet Life, XOXO


I just came back from our Easter weekend we spent in Quebec. I took the opportunity to spend time with my family, walks in the woods and eat, eat and, oh is I said eat! Haha At my mom’s place, you do not die of hunger! She can offer you some food every half an hour! This is the kind of mom that if you come home at 3am, she’ll offer you to make pancakes;) . It was also my first time wearring my new Quiet life 5 panel, XOXO, do you like it?









The disadvantage of walking in the woods during the spring! It gets dirty!


The first buds, I couldn’t resist to take a picture!


I cannot go to Quebec, without passing by Paillard. This is the best place for a small snack in the afternoon! They have a huge pastry counter, which you cannot resist!


This time I tried this, it’s like a mix of a chocolatine with pears and almonds, so yummy!!



Good to the last crumb!


We take this opportunity to laze in the Carré d’Youville under the sun and watch the skateborders like I did as a teenager!


trendssetters-et -monroe

I hope you have abused in chocolates and you had a great Easter weekend!

Jacket: Zara / Jeans: Zara / Sweater: Zara / 5 Panel Quiet Life: Arsenic / Converse: Amnesia

White on white

Yeah!! Welcome to my new blog!! I’m so glad it’s finally finished, I couldn’t wait to start to blog again! My boyfriend worked hard to make your visit more enjoyable and easier for you. My Tumblr will still be on, it will be a short version of my blog. I moved to wordpress to improve my blogging, I didn’t have the liberty that I wanted on Tumblr. There are some new gadgets, you can now choose your language in the top right corner!

Since the last couples of weeks, I prepared in advance some posts that I can finally share with you 🙂 For the occasion here’s my last real winter post, hopefully!!!

Furry Hat Canal Lachine White Converse on snow White on white outfit White Griffintown Up in the AirRed hair

Don’t worry, I live close to that place, I didn’t catch a cold! This is the Canal Lachine covered with snow, it’s in my neighborhood; Griffintown. What do you think about the new interface? I want your feedback!!

Fur hat : Vintage / Blazer : Zara / Sweater : Zara / Trouser : Zara / sneaker : Converse /       Quilted bag : Vintage /  Necklace : H&M / bracelets : Amnesia / Belt : Zara