Under The Sun


I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed my long week-end! Thanks Queen Elizabeth II. We started our Saturday with a bike ride to Wellington street under the sun, where we walked a bit and discovered nice park not too far south.

The river was surrounded by a kind of giant wheat, it was unreal. We felt, Karim and me, in a different city for a couples of minutes, a feeling that I really like. We spent some time on the waterside, and then we made a picnic on the Canal Lachine, our first of the season!

We finished our day with a movie at the movie theater, The Great Gatsby, it was okay… I think I had too big expectations for that movie, but it always a pleasure to see Leonardo Dicaprio! I don’t know if you have noticed, but my outfit was inspired by this picture from my last post 😉

Rue-Sans-Issue-TrendssettersMarecage Le-Saules Karim-Dans-Le-Champs-De-BleBle Harem-Jeans-Zara Favorite-Bird Desert-One-Piece-Swim-Billabong Ciel-Bleu Blast-Of-ColorsArm-Tattoo Back-tattoo-Trendssetters

Orange Sweater: RVCA / Desert Swimsuit: Billabong / Harem Jeans: Zara / Sneaker: Nike / Scarf As A Turban: From Morroco / Sunnies: Amnesia / Bracelet: H&M / Messenger: Zara

My Favorites Summer Products

Since summer has officially started, I thought I should share my favorit summer products with you! Here’s my selections of my day to day products.

I’ve been using this Monoï de Tahiti dry body oil for many years now. I really love the scent of it, you feel like you are at the beach immediately after the application! It’s an oil, but a dry one, so you absolutely don’t feel it. It leaves your skin hydrated, soft, non-greasy with a light perfume! You can also use it on your hair, I never did, but I should try it!

Dry Body Oil MONOÏ DE TAHITI Yves Rocher

This is my day to day face protection. It gives my skin a good moisture and it doesn’t feel greasy at all, unlike most of the sunscreen protection.

RoC ® SUN FACE PROTECTION + Quenching Face Fluid – Normal to mixt Skin SPF 50

This is my body sunscreen wich i use on sunny days. It is easy to use with the spray applicator. You can apply it on your body quickly for your rock’n’roll morning 😉

RoC® SUN PROTECTION+ Body Spray Multi-Positions – IP 50

Because I have a really sensitive skin, (that’s the bad side to have freckles) I used this high protection cream from La Roche-Posay at the beach or when I’m doing outdoor sports. It is very comfortable, non-greasy and water-resistant.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Cream FPS 60

I always have this little stick in my pocket It’s really important not to forget to protect your lips as the skin is really fragile on your lips. If you don’t want wrinkled lips, used it a lot!!! 😉 The best tip that I can give you is to buy more than one, add one to your favorite bag and one in your vanity!

Vichy Lip Protection Stick SPF 30

This is my after sun favorite, I’ve discovered it after a big sunburn in New York, it was the only lotion available at the grocery close to wear at was. I immediately felt in love with it. I challenge you not to become addicted after the first use!! During the winter time I used their lavender one, it’s just perfect!!

Johnson’s Baby Lotion, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble is the best product to look like a beach bomb without being at the actual beach! I spray it in my freshly clean wet hair and let them dry naturally and let the magic work, easy like that!

Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray

I have tried a lot of dry shampoo when I discovered that kind of product. Batiste is by far my favorite. It instantly refreshes your hair without leaving a heavy effect like a lot of dry shampoo do. You can also find one that matches your hair colors and they also have some with scent. Personally, I prefer the original unscented one, like that it doesn’t mixed up with my perfume. Available in most drugstores.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original 400ml

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t be shy, if you want more info, leave a comment or email me!

xxx Isa

Boyfriend Denim Short


I had this pair of boyfriend denim short for a couples of years now. I found them at an Hurley samples sale. My sales rep told me that nobody’s was ready at that time, it was a bit early for the trend. I always like the boyish look, they were perfect for me and still do! Now I am wearing them with heels, which I never did before, must be my age, or my fashion evolution!

I really like simple outfit, like a pair of denim short paired with a basic tee and then add some fun to it, like a pair of sexy heels, or some nice accessories. I’m really happy that I ordered this leather baseball cap, it’s now one of my favorite accessories. It will be soon too hot to wear it, so I enjoy the last days of spring to wear it!

Now Karim and I have to find our place to stay in Copenhagen, have a good day xxx

Black&White-Profil Blue-Eyes-On-White-Wall-Trends-setters Boyfriend-Hurley-short-white-brick-wall Do-I-Smile! Nixon-Watch-Rosl-Gold-42-20Black-&-White-Zip-Heels Old-Brick-Wall-Trends-Setters Outfit-Close-Up PikNik-TableBlack-and-White-Close-Up Profil-leather-baseball-Cap

Boyfriend denim Short : Hurley / Tee : Zara / Heels : Aldo / Bag & Necklace : Amnesia / Watch: Nixon 42-20 Rose Gold / Leather Cap : Asos / Belt: Vintage /

First Bike Rides


I’m finally out of the inactivity of winter, we did our first bike ride last Saturday, I don’t know why but didn’t use any sunscreen. Well, I used sunscreen only on my face FAIL!!!! Both of us got our first sunburn. Not big ones, but during a bike ride under the sun when it’s at is zenith, big mistake! We finished our day, by a walk downtown to get our new magazines issues!

I got to use my new Herschel backpack, isn’t perfect!! I got it for my next trip. Speaking of traveling, I’m leaving tomorrow to NYC for business. I can’t wait, I love New York. If you want to see some pictures while I’m gone, you can follow my Instagram

Have a good week! xoxo

Karim-On-His-FixedSaules-Pleureurs-Bord-de-L'eau Nautical-herschel-ViewKarim-First-Bike-Ride-breakfavorites-Tree-everFuny-Face-harem-PantsClose-Up-Bow-Mango-bag Black-&-White-Mirror-Sunglasses

Backpack Herschel: Arsenic / Converse: Amnesia / Harem Pants: Zara / Tee: Zara / Snake Sandals: Aldo / Necklace: H&M / Bow Bag; Mango / Sunnies: Amnesia / Spike Bracelet: Amnesia /