As I told you yesterday, I went to the FFUN BBQ 2013 edition this week-end. We finally had the chance to have nice weather and it was really the official launch of summer for me! This party is organized by WeSC (c/o Tiger Distribution) and Société Perrier, so a lot of people from the street-wear industry was there, including myself! It was my second edition and I had a blast!! What can you ask more than a rooftop party, sun, friends, beautiful people and great food???? Add this to your agenda for next year if you are in Montreal!

Have I told you I have a new page on my blog? I added a About Me page, so you can learn a little bit more about me. Soon I will make a post about my story I promise! xxx

Regard-Trendssetters Masterpiece-Necklace-Zara-trends-setters Having-Fun-With-My-Lovely Happy-Trends-setters

Ear-Spike-Trends-settersFFUn-BBQ-Trends-Setters Elevenses-Sable-Utility-Jumpsuit-Antropologie Detail-FFun-BBQ Claudia-Trends-Setters-FFun-BBQ


WESC / Tiger Distribution / Société Perrier / Lookout /

Jumpsuit: Elevenses / Ear Hanger: TopShop / Necklace: Zara (similar here) / Bracelet: Thrift Store / Sandals: Groove /

Got My Skort On!


Yes, this is the skort that everyone have. But when a perfect item like that and at a budget price, why deny it! Because I’m really in love with it I’m thinking about buying the white one. When you find a good piece, why not buy it in all colors! The shape is just perfect, sexy enough at the front with the asymmetric wrap, and functional at the back!

I love short suit the during the summer season. It’s a fun way to where a suit and it’s more convenient. For this outfit, I wear my new drape blouse with an old blazer paired with my skort. To make it more casual, I decided to wear it with a pair of sneakers. It would be also great with a pair of heel, but I wasn’t feeling like it that day.

Oh! let me introduce to you my mom’s perfect birthday gift! My new all black messenger bag! I know that I will keep it for years, it’s classic, all black and it’s a messenger bag. Perfect for every day!


City-Bag-Zara-Trends-setters Drapped-White-Blouse-Zara-Trends-Setters Red-Hair-Girl-Trends-Setters Skort-Black-Suit-Trends-Setters White-Drapped-Blouse-Zara-Trends-setters.com Zara-City-BagBye-Bye-From-Trends-Setters

You know that when I add links to the shop, the items are still available on their website!

Skort: Zara / Blouse: Zara / Blazer: Urban Outfitters / Sneaker: Nike Free 3.0 / Messenger: Zara / Necklace: Top Shop

One Outfit During The Day Through The Night


When I know that I have something after work, I do my best to wear one outfit that I can refresh with some minor changes. I leave work, most of the time, late. I don’t really have the time to go home and dress up. So what I did that day, is that I brought a pair of heels and a blazer and that’s it I have a new outfit. I have to keep it easy and because I don’t wear a lot of make up it’s not a problem for me. But for the ones who do need a refresh before going out, just bring your make up essentials in your bag and you are ready for a great night 🙂

That day knowing that I wanted to go for a drink at night I decided to wear my tailor pants from Zara. Because summer is finally here, I turned up the legs of my pants to give them a summer feel. Who said that we can’t turn up tailor pants? 😉 Paired with my tie-die shirt from BCBG and a pair of Chuck Taylor! For the night I brougth my nude wedge sandals and a vintage blazer from Pierre Cardin.

Since summer time is here, I’m in the mood to eat on a terrace and going out!! xoxo


Blazer: Vintage Pierre Cardin / Shirt: BCBG / Tailor Pants: Zara (similar here) / Wedge Sandals: We Who See / Sneaker: Converse / Necklace: Top Shop (similar here)