Summer Wish-List

I went shopping last week-end, and now there’s so many things that I want from the summer collections, ahh life is so not fair ;p kidding!!! I bought these pieces from the H&M Conscious collection that where on sale!!! Yep, the entire collection is now on sale, so if you don’t want to miss it, it’s time to go!!

But then there are other great pieces that I want, most of them from Aritzia, by the way, their new store on Sainte-Catherine Street is BEAUTIFUL!!! The rest is from Zara & H&M, look at that Kimono, it would be so perfect for my next trip!! You can shop for them online, I added the links at the end of the post, enjoy!!

Pre-Summer Shopping

Dress, Kimono & Bag: Aritzia / Sweater: Zara / Short: H&M /

All White Everything

My mood right now, all white everything! But is not only me, is your inbox full of all white newsletter like me?

Do you remember the time when wearing white during winter was a Faux Pas? I remember my mom putting her white handbag in the wardrobe every winter with our summer stuff until the next summer! Thank god those fashions laws are now gone!!

From Left to right:

Sweatshirt: / Bomber: / Boot: Little Burgundy / Tee: / Bermuda: Zara / Foldover Bag: / Trouser: / Backpack: / Slip-On: / Candle: /

Surplus Pants

James Perse Surplus Pants


This is one of the James Perse pieces that I bought last Thursday at the samples sales I was talking about. You can find the fall-winter colorways on his website here. They are really comfortable and perfect for a Sunday cocooning! Since I discovered James Perse a couple of months ago, I’m obsessed with is clothes. Everything is made to be comfortable and still look feminine and sexy. Sunday is usually the day where I’m relaxing enjoying my me time. Normally I wake-up early to plan my week, do groceries and  laundry and then I relax!! And, this is what I’m going to do right now xxx

Sabath-Photo-Bomb Shadow Sabath-and-I My make-up-desk karim-Playgroud Black-and-White All-White

Pants: James Perse / Top: F21 / Blouse: Zara /

Saturday inspiration

As I told you, I had a really busy week, and today I’m tired!!! But I have a wedding and I love celebrating love 🙂 So I have to get ready, but not without writing a little something! This is some Saturday inspiration a lot of white. I love white it’s so relaxing!! Have a good day xxx


Voici quelques inspirations, j’avais besoin de m’échapper un peu en ce samedi matin et quand vous ne pouvez pas voyager, le web est la meilleure façon de le faire! Désolé si je n’ai pas fait d’article hier, après le travail, nous sommes allés directement au Jackalope Kick Off Party tout au haut de la tour de notre magnifique stade olympique. Aujourd’hui, nous allons y retourner pour assister à la compétition, si vous êtes dans le coin de Montréal, je vous invite à passer pour y faire un tour! Passe un beau samedi xxx

Photos via: Fashion Gone Rogue & Pinterest

Crew Only


Thursday already! Wow the week went so fast! Tomorrow I have a lot of appointments for my purchases of the spring 2014 season, a perfect way to end my week back at work. Back to my outfit 😉 these photos were taken on our 3rd day in Stockholm, I wear a lot of colors or no color at all. White is what I like the most!

We were lucky enough to be aboard this magnificent sailboat and have it to ourselves as it was closed for the holidays “midsummer” and the crew left it open for my pleasure! I felt like a kid, exploring every corner of the Af Chapman and pretend it was ours! This beautiful sailboat is a hotel in reality. There are few hotels like this one in Stockholm and I think it is a very great idea, really different!

Don’t you find that it looks like I`m on a cruise all dressed in white on the deck of the boat like that? Haha have a good night folks xx

Crew-OnlySweden-Flag Stockholm-View Real-Life-Stockholm On-Board-Af-Stcokholm On-Board-Af-Chapman Le-Mat Draped-Blouse-ZaraAll-White-Outfit Af-Chapman-Stockholmà-bord-matelos Af-Chapman-Sailboat At-10-pm-Stockholm

Draped Blouse: Zara / Cropped Trouser, Zara similar here / Sneaker: Nike / Sunnies: Toms Similar Here

New Shopping List


So like all of you already know, I’m leaving the 14th of June for two weeks vacation in Copenhagen, Stockholm to finish this fantastic trip in Paris! So when you visit these three city’s together ehhh of course I’ll be shopping even if I’m on vacation. I’ve been waiting for this trip for so long, I love Scandinavian fashion, I’ll be freaking out over there haha!

Because I don’t want to spend to much time in stores, I looked up online to see what I should buy  and what I’m looking for. Yeah, I know, I’m a smart girl 😉

Have you noticed that I’m in a white mood, haha you must find it boring for summer, but I’m really into the entire white outfit right now, sometimes with a touch of bright colors or black. That’s the minimalist side of me!

Ok, now I spent too many hours on my computer, good night. I’m going to read a bit before going to bed xxx

Front Row Shop T-shirt with splice of tencel and chiffon – /

Monki Lisa parka – / T-back swimsuit /

Monki Rocky top – / Layered Skirt

ND Speed Top / Morgan tank /

Shiloh sweat /