Packing For Japan For Fall season

I’m leaving perhaps only in 41 days for Japan, (yes I count the days) but I already know what will be part of my luggage (at least most of it). Minimalist outfit, based on good classic silhouette, good fabric and tonal colours. Since we go there at the beginning of fall, the day should be around 24 degrees, but at night a good leather jacket or a comfy sweater might be required.

In terms of shoes, of course, my all-time favorite will be part of the trip, the best comfortable shoes ever, my Adidas Stella McCartney ultra boost. I might also bring one practical dress that can be worn casually during the day and more sophisticated at night for a fancy dinner date with my love.

I am super excited for his trip, I planned it with a new app that I discovered this year, Sygic Travel. A really helpful app, where you can add place you want to visit on a map, and you can plan your trip by day. For example,  in Tokyo it is recommended planning your trip one day per neighborhood since there is so much to see in each of them Sygic travel was the best to help me plan my day and make sure, I am not missing anything. Of course this is a guideline, and we might at the end discover something else on the route and that is perfect, it’s just help plan in general our week in Tokyo.

Finally, I just got back from Vegas/LA and I’m leaving next week for London/Milan, I’m super excited, a lot of traveling lately. Stay tuned on my Instagram for update xx

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Gifts For The Minimalist Girl

It’s now time for the second part of my gifts ideas, today is for the Minimalist girl, girls like me 🙂 Don’t be shy if you want to offer me a gift haha!! I went through my favourite stores to find the best gifts for that type of girl.

Do you want to know them? First, Need Supply. In this store you will find great pieces for all kinds of budgets. COS, from the H&M group, this Scandinavian shop will for sure be the best friend for a minimalist girl! TOTOKAELO, I discovered this shop during my last vacation in Seattle, the most beautiful shop i have seen in my life, I felt in love! You will find luxury minimalist pieces. La Garçonne, again I discovered this shop this year, great for inspiration,  all the minimalist designer, from emergent to well known. Last,  but not least, &Other Stories, I discovered this shop last year during my Scandinavian trip, again from the H&M group, I have no doubt you will find the perfect gift there!


Gifts For The Minimalist Girl

From left to the right:

Acne Studios beta long fleece sweatshirt / Thin bar studs / Comme des Garçons
classic side zip wallet
Cashmere hat / Acne Studios Chrome Adriana Metallic Sneaker / Acne Studios Black Pistol Boot / Snakeskin-Embossed D-ring Clutch / Clean-edge wool coat / Loose-fit cropped trousers / Curved tube necklace / Cashmere scarf / Cable + Outlet Bucket /




Make-Up Yourself

I have promised you an editorial for make-up inspiration for your next Christmas Party, so here it is! Now you can have some fun with your outfit! I divided it in five looks that matches my hair-styles editorial. Glamour, Minimalist, Retro, Casual Natural and Fresh. You can definitely mix your look, if your outfit is bold with a lot of pattern, you may want a minimalist make-up, or if your outfit is casual, you may want to try a fresh make-up, let’s have fun it’s Christmas after all!




Casual Natural


Pictures via: My Pinterest

Summer Blue

Summer Blue

Happy Tuesday, and if you are from Quebec, happy St-Jean! Since it’s our national day here, I’ve got inspired by it and I made a blue mood board for you. Blue it’s our flag color and quebecois are really proud of it, a lot of people wear blue during this day, the 24th of June.

What you will find really good about this inspiration board, is that everything from it is from summer sales. Yes, I know so much good stuff from this season, and since blue is my favorite color, it wasn’t hard from me to find the perfect pieces for you.

Get them here:

Trouser: Zara / Tee: The Outnet / Sunglasses: & Other Stories / Shoes: Acne / Brief: Need Supply / Bracelet: The Outnet / Bag: & Other Stories / Body Cream: & Other Stories /

Minimalist Wish-List

Minimalist Wish-List

After seeing tons of beautiful clothes at fashion conventions last week, the only thing I want to do now is shopping!!! I have certain pieces in my head that I really want to get, like this original bomber jacket in navy from Alpha Industries and “the” perfect leather sneakers from Eytys.

I also looked at one of my favorite shop & Others Stories, if you remember my posts from Copenhagen last June. I was freaking out when I discovered this perfect shop, sorry for my language, it’s the emotion 😉 I seriously visited the one in Copenhagen, the one in Stockholm and the one in Paris in two weeks time hahaha. Unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada, I will have to go to Europe really soon to calm my craving for this shop!!

Jacket: Alpha Industries / Thin Brass Rings: & Other Stories / Basic Briefs: & Other Stories / Magnolia Shorts: Need Supply / Wide Strap Flip Flops: & Other Stories / Logan necklace: Need Supply / Sneaker: Eytys /

For The Minimalist

First of all, sorry for my silence yesterday, I was feeling the post Amnesia Christmas party effects and I was out of order! Now, here’s my second Christmas ideas and this time it’s for the minimalist girls. This one is perfect for me 😉 It practically all comes from Need Supply, it’s my shop of the moment!! I hope you will like this one and see you for the next one 🙂

Gifts from: Need Supply Co / ACNE / Weekday /

Céline Resort 2014

After a long wait, since last June, Céline finally made their resort 2014 collection pictures available. As you may know now, they were keeping their collection away from all media attention because of the too fast mainstream fashion brands, like the big Spanish chain Zara. I think this was a genius move, first it created a really big buzz around the collection and Zara had to figure out something else to do, but I’m not worried for them at all haha!! Stella McCartney is their new muse 😉

The latest collection wasn’t my favorite, but Pheobe Philo gives us what we expect from Céline with the Resort collection. Minimalist, androgeneous, oversized with a Karate touch, oh and what about the fox fur coat, is Wes Anderson was part of the inspiration? 😉 I’m in love with this Resort collection! Here’s my favorite pieces

Pictures1 Récemment mis à jour Récemment mis à jour1 Récemment mis à jour2 Récemment mis à jour3

See the entire collection here

Minimalist Geisha


Happy Friday! I’m working from home today, so I had the time to do a new outfit post 🙂 I still have a big week next week, but the good news is that I’m going to NYC on Wednesday night for a couple of days wouhou!! New York is like my second home, I love to be there! I’m going there to do my holiday jewelry buys and see the next trends in this category, I can’t wait!!

On these pictures I’m wearing my new Kimono that I bought at H&M in Stockholm. It’s from their Trends collection. It merges really well with the minimal look that I was looking for. This is my favorite pair of high-waist trouser wich I got at Zara last winter. I really love their shape. To give a summer feel to this outfit, I’m wearing it with a sport bra. It’s the kind of look that I feel very good with, I would like to wear that style more often. Ok now I have to get back to work, have a good week-end

Isabelle xx

Trendssetters-Minimalist-GeishaMontreal-Jungle-Trendssetters Sport-Bra-Joe-Trouser-Zara-trendssetters My-Geisha-Shoes Kimono-H&M-Trends-Trends-Setters Kimono-H&M-Trends-Sweden-Trendssetters Kimono-H&M-Trends In-The-Middle-Of-The-Jungle-Trendssetters High-waist-trouser-Zara-trendssetters High-Waist-Perfect-Trouser-Zara Green Geisha-Trendssetters

Vest: H&M / Trouser: Zara / Sport Bra: Joe / Shoes: Dolce Vita