Alpha MA-1


It’s been a while that I want the real bomber jacket from Alpha Industries, the MA-1. I even made a couples of post about it, like this one. I remember at my six grade that everyone had one, and I was one of them. At this time, the grunge, punk period to be a cool kids, you needed a bomber and a pair of 1461 eyes Dr. Martens! Look like nothing has change right! Since this week I finally have my Alpha industries jacket, I choose black,  even if I want them all!!

I wear an XS, be careful with the size, these jackets are made big, I bought for Little Burgundy the women sizes range even for guys  because the size of this one if more actual, less puffy, more minimalist! They are available in store only for the moment and will be soon online too!

MA-1-Alpha-Industrie Alpha-Industries-MA-1-Trends-Setters MA-1-Alpha-Industries Isabelle.T-Alpha-Industries-MA-1 Isabelle-T-MA-1-Alpha-Industrie Alpha-Industries-MA-1-Black Trendssetters-Alpha-Industries-MA-1 Trends-setters-brogue Trends-Setters-Alpha-Industries-MA-1

Jacket: Alpha Industries / Vest: H&M / Tee: Cheap Monday / Skirt: Zara / Brogue: Somewhere in NYC! / Tote: Rachel F / Beanie: Little Burgundy /



That’s right, I have a new pair of sneaker on my shelves, again!! I’m totally obsessed with Adidas this spring, I even have to control myself. The day I bought my new Superstar, I practically bought: a pair of runner, one hoodie, one pair of leggings and then I said to myself, Isa let’s face it, you have a terrace to built on your roof this summer. Yes, sometime you have to face your priority you know haha!!

Sunny-Saterday-In-Griffintown First-Spring-Day Jacket-Burberry-Sneaker-Adidas-Superstar Crew-H&M Burberry I-Love-Spring Trends-Setters-Burberry Melting-Snow Superstar-Adidas

Sneaker: Adidas Superstar / Trouser: H&M / Crew: H&M / Jacket: Burberry / Sunglasses: Super Retro Future /

Under Construction


Not my blog, but it’s my neighborhood that is under construction, at least, the most part of it. Somedays it bothers me a little, but at the same time, I can understand why a lot of new people want to stay here. It is a really cool industrial neighborhood mixed with cool coffee shops, restaurants and nice little boutiques! These pictures are from yesterday, an easy and casual look and my color palette matches well with the weather hehe!! Happy Monday!

Stripe-Jacket-And-Leather-Cap-Under-ConstructionLong-Jacket-And-Nike-Sneakers Shades-Of-Grey Stripe-Jacket-And-Leather-Cap Long-Jacket-And-Sneakers Asos-Leather-Cap

Leather Cap: Asos / Scarf: H&M / Stripe Coat: Cacharel / Sweater: Joe Fresh / Pleather Trouser: H&M / Sneaker: Nike / Messenger: H&M /

Dr. Martens


Winter is really here to stay in Montreal, the snow has finally come and yes I really prefer a December with white snow then a December with grey everywhere and no leaf in the trees. Since the snow has started to cover the streets, I pulled out my trustworthy Dr.Martens. They are the best to keep your feet dry, they are indestructible and never go out of style. If you don’t have a pair in your closet yet, you should get some right now!

Close-UpHappy-Morning Dr-Martens-Trends-settersDr-Martens-Trends-setters-Zara-Pants Herringbone-Trouser Quilted-Sleeve-Zara-Jacket The-Side-ViewDr-Martens-Trends-Setters-Morning

Jacket: Zara / Tee: Element that I stole from my boyfriend closet / Slouchy Trouser: Zara / Beanie: Similar here / Scarf: H&M / Boots: Dr. Martens /



Sometimes, especially at this time of the year, I miss the days when I had a back to school. Shopping for it, not only for clothing, but for all the school supplies, it was so much fun!! I paid special attention to choose my pencils and notebooks!

At work, back-to-school is very important for us, it’s one of our biggest time of the year with Christmas. So my job gives me that opportunity to still feel that time of the year. I know I’m lucky and I love my job!!

I went shopping last Saturday and I bought these tartan leggings. I’m not a legging fan usually, but I fell for them. I was looking for a pair of tartan trousers but didn’t find any, I got these leggings instead. I’m still looking for great tartan trousers in green, if you know a place let me know!! xx have a good week!


Vest, Sweater, Leggings, Oxford Shoes And Bag: Zara / Headband: Amnesia /

Minimalist Geisha


Happy Friday! I’m working from home today, so I had the time to do a new outfit post 🙂 I still have a big week next week, but the good news is that I’m going to NYC on Wednesday night for a couple of days wouhou!! New York is like my second home, I love to be there! I’m going there to do my holiday jewelry buys and see the next trends in this category, I can’t wait!!

On these pictures I’m wearing my new Kimono that I bought at H&M in Stockholm. It’s from their Trends collection. It merges really well with the minimal look that I was looking for. This is my favorite pair of high-waist trouser wich I got at Zara last winter. I really love their shape. To give a summer feel to this outfit, I’m wearing it with a sport bra. It’s the kind of look that I feel very good with, I would like to wear that style more often. Ok now I have to get back to work, have a good week-end

Isabelle xx

Trendssetters-Minimalist-GeishaMontreal-Jungle-Trendssetters Sport-Bra-Joe-Trouser-Zara-trendssetters My-Geisha-Shoes Kimono-H&M-Trends-Trends-Setters Kimono-H&M-Trends-Sweden-Trendssetters Kimono-H&M-Trends In-The-Middle-Of-The-Jungle-Trendssetters High-waist-trouser-Zara-trendssetters High-Waist-Perfect-Trouser-Zara Green Geisha-Trendssetters

Vest: H&M / Trouser: Zara / Sport Bra: Joe / Shoes: Dolce Vita

Got My Skort On!

Yes, this is the skort that everyone have. But when a perfect item like that and at a budget price, why deny it! Because I’m really in love with it I’m thinking about buying the white one. When you find a good piece, why not buy it in all colors! The shape is just perfect, sexy enough at the front with the asymmetric wrap, and functional at the back!

I love short suit the during the summer season. It’s a fun way to where a suit and it’s more convenient. For this outfit, I wear my new drape blouse with an old blazer paired with my skort. To make it more casual, I decided to wear it with a pair of sneakers. It would be also great with a pair of heel, but I wasn’t feeling like it that day.

Oh! let me introduce to you my mom’s perfect birthday gift! My new all black messenger bag! I know that I will keep it for years, it’s classic, all black and it’s a messenger bag. Perfect for every day!


City-Bag-Zara-Trends-setters Drapped-White-Blouse-Zara-Trends-Setters Red-Hair-Girl-Trends-Setters Skort-Black-Suit-Trends-Setters Zara-City-BagBye-Bye-From-Trends-Setters

You know that when I add links to the shop, the items are still available on their website!

Skort: Zara / Blouse: Zara / Blazer: Urban Outfitters / Sneaker: Nike Free 3.0 / Messenger: Zara / Necklace: Top Shop

Under The Sun


I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed my long week-end! Thanks Queen Elizabeth II. We started our Saturday with a bike ride to Wellington street under the sun, where we walked a bit and discovered nice park not too far south.

The river was surrounded by a kind of giant wheat, it was unreal. We felt, Karim and me, in a different city for a couples of minutes, a feeling that I really like. We spent some time on the waterside, and then we made a picnic on the Canal Lachine, our first of the season!

We finished our day with a movie at the movie theater, The Great Gatsby, it was okay… I think I had too big expectations for that movie, but it always a pleasure to see Leonardo Dicaprio! I don’t know if you have noticed, but my outfit was inspired by this picture from my last post 😉

Rue-Sans-Issue-TrendssettersMarecage Le-Saules Karim-Dans-Le-Champs-De-BleBle Harem-Jeans-Zara Favorite-Bird Desert-One-Piece-Swim-Billabong Ciel-Bleu Blast-Of-ColorsArm-Tattoo Back-tattoo-Trendssetters

Orange Sweater: RVCA / Desert Swimsuit: Billabong / Harem Jeans: Zara / Sneaker: Nike / Scarf As A Turban: From Morroco / Sunnies: Amnesia / Bracelet: H&M / Messenger: Zara

My New Nike Free 3.0


Seriously, what was I doing all this time without a pair of Nike Free 3.0? Since I got them I just want to wear them every day, for every occasion! Okay I may exaggerate a bit, but I’m really in love with them. They are so comfy, their name was chosen with due, it is true that you feel free with these shoes on your feet!

I found them last week in New York. I wanted a pair for a few weeks now, but I could not find them in a basic color anywhere.. Now that I have them, they will be my best friend in Sweden!

We snapped these pics last Monday. I’m really into the Sporty Chic these days. I like to mix a nice blazer with basic elements and a pair a runners to rock my day! Monday it’s always a busy day for me as I go trough all my reports to be prepared for my Tuesday meeting. But it’s not a hard task for me, since analyzing my reports is one of my favorite aspect of my job!

How was your Monday guys?

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Nike-Run-Free-Black&-WhiteLeather-Cap-AsosBack-Graffiti-On-White-Wall Bracelet-Gold-Spike-And-Coral La-Ruelle La-Ruelle-Verte Nike-Free-3-Women Zara-White-BlazerLeather-Cap-Smiling-Eyes

Trainers: Nike Free 3.0 / Leather Cap: Asos / Long White Blazer: Zara / Pale Pink Blazer: H&M / Trouser: Zara / Tee: H&M / Bracelets & Necklace: Amnesia /

Boyfriend Denim Short


I had this pair of boyfriend denim short for a couples of years now. I found them at an Hurley samples sale. My sales rep told me that nobody’s was ready at that time, it was a bit early for the trend. I always like the boyish look, they were perfect for me and still do! Now I am wearing them with heels, which I never did before, must be my age, or my fashion evolution!

I really like simple outfit, like a pair of denim short paired with a basic tee and then add some fun to it, like a pair of sexy heels, or some nice accessories. I’m really happy that I ordered this leather baseball cap, it’s now one of my favorite accessories. It will be soon too hot to wear it, so I enjoy the last days of spring to wear it!

Now Karim and I have to find our place to stay in Copenhagen, have a good day xxx

Black&White-Profil Blue-Eyes-On-White-Wall-Trends-setters Boyfriend-Hurley-short-white-brick-wall Do-I-Smile! Nixon-Watch-Rosl-Gold-42-20Black-&-White-Zip-Heels Old-Brick-Wall-Trends-Setters Outfit-Close-Up PikNik-TableBlack-and-White-Close-Up Profil-leather-baseball-Cap

Boyfriend denim Short : Hurley / Tee : Zara / Heels : Aldo / Bag & Necklace : Amnesia / Watch: Nixon 42-20 Rose Gold / Leather Cap : Asos / Belt: Vintage /