The Three Stripes


Who never had or used to have this classic three stripes tracksuit from Adidas? When I was a teenager my friends and I were always looking for the original version at thrift stores, you were pretty lucky when you had the chance to find one.

Since the original collection is available everywhere these days, no more fumbling thrift stores!!

The-Three-Stripes Trends-Setters-Three-Stripe Trends-Setters-Casual-Sport

Tracksuit: Adidas / Trouser: Zara / Sandals: Cougar / Cap: Asos /



While most fashion bloggers are in New York right now for the Fashion Week, me,  I’m home with a cold 🙁 Ok.. I should not complain since, in two weeks, I will be in Vegas for fashion trade-shows and then in Los Angeles for trends research, not bad right?!

What do you think of my Camel coat? An indispensable of this season if you are not ready for the pastel color version! Paired with a great indigo denim and nice pair of boot and you got an easy chic casual outfit!

Richmond Richmond-Street-Art Zara-Camel-Coat Comic-Street-Art Camel-Coat-Acne-Boot Acne-Cypress-Boot-Trends-Setters

Camel Coat: Zara / Turtleneck: Zara / Boot: Acne / Scarf: Fraas / Jeans: Tristan /

Bliss & Glory


Yep, this is my new favorite crew-neck Bliss & Glory! And the best part of it is, first I bought it with a gift card that I got for Christmas, and second is that I got it on sale!! Isn’t beautiful ;P So it’s Sunday and the last day of my vacation noooo!!!! It went so fast I could totally use one more week! In the meantime I know that tomorrow when I’ll be at work, I will be super happy to see my coworkers, especially that I’m leaving them in two weeks.

Yes this is the big decision that I had to take a couple weeks ago. I accepted a new job, after 10 year with Amnesia, I’m leaving for a new adventure. It was a really hard decision, I didn’t sleep for a month, but I’m happy with my decision, change is good! When you are too comfortable in your job, it means it’s maybe time to change, and this was my case. On that note, have a good evening and a good week xx

Sideshot At-Home Crew-Zara-Skirt-H&M Side-Effect-Trends-Setters Brogue Asos-Leather-Baseball-Cap

Crew: Zara / Skirt: H&M / Brogue: Random Shop In NYC / Tank: Zara / Cap: Asos / Socks: H&M /



Nothing better than the summer to give us reason to eat ice-cream 🙂 I love ice-cream, I could eat it every day, I usually do during holiday haha!

On these pictures I’m wearing my new polo Lacoste Live, I love this division from Lacoste and I could not resist this cute little crocodile! Lacoste Live is their line targeted at younger customers where they bring their classic Lacoste logo to new levels and I like it!

Today I finished packing my suitcase for Vegas, always complicated, but fun to do. I need to set two daily outfits, one for the show and one for the evening! It is always a very inspiring trip, where a bunch of people in the fashion industry gather in the same place, so obviously, I cannot wait! I’m leaving this afternoon and coming back Thursday night very late … I will do my best to prepare posts for you 🙂 have a good weekend, enjoy the sun if it is present where you are! xx

Sur-Le-Canal-Griffintown (2) Sunnies-Toms-Trends-SettersLes-Jardins-Red-Path Ébouriffé-Trends-Setters Dans-Le-Vent-Trends-Setters Cutie-Crocrodile-Lacoste Trends-Setters-Polo-Lacoste-LiveSundae-Miam-Trends-Setters

Polo: Lacoste Live / Skirt: Zara / Bag: H&M Similar / Slip-on: Liz Claiborne Vintage (similar here) / Sunnies: Toms

June Inspirations


Already the 6th of June, I feel like I did my May inspirations a week ago …! The last month past so fast, it’s crazy! Hopefully in a couples of days, the time will stop for two weeks 🙂 I have tons to do at work and at home too since I’m leaving for 17 days, I have to make sure everything is done before leaving you know!

Since the weather is not so-so nice, I decided to do my monthly inspiration today. When I’m looking for street stylîng inspiration pictures, I don’t necessary add it to my folder for the entire outfit, sometimes it’s for the colors, an accessory, the way a pair of jeans is folded or a simple detail like on the first picture. It’s the way that she wears her blouse and her necklace that I like. In the second picture it’s for the embroidery, and I really like the tote bag, “My Chanel is at home” so cute no? It is not the first time that I see a bag like that, but I really like this one, it makes me smile. I hope a gave you some inspirations xxx


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My Favorites Summer Products

Since summer has officially started, I thought I should share my favorit summer products with you! Here’s my selections of my day to day products.

I’ve been using this Monoï de Tahiti dry body oil for many years now. I really love the scent of it, you feel like you are at the beach immediately after the application! It’s an oil, but a dry one, so you absolutely don’t feel it. It leaves your skin hydrated, soft, non-greasy with a light perfume! You can also use it on your hair, I never did, but I should try it!

Dry Body Oil MONOÏ DE TAHITI Yves Rocher

This is my day to day face protection. It gives my skin a good moisture and it doesn’t feel greasy at all, unlike most of the sunscreen protection.

RoC ® SUN FACE PROTECTION + Quenching Face Fluid – Normal to mixt Skin SPF 50

This is my body sunscreen wich i use on sunny days. It is easy to use with the spray applicator. You can apply it on your body quickly for your rock’n’roll morning 😉

RoC® SUN PROTECTION+ Body Spray Multi-Positions – IP 50

Because I have a really sensitive skin, (that’s the bad side to have freckles) I used this high protection cream from La Roche-Posay at the beach or when I’m doing outdoor sports. It is very comfortable, non-greasy and water-resistant.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Cream FPS 60

I always have this little stick in my pocket It’s really important not to forget to protect your lips as the skin is really fragile on your lips. If you don’t want wrinkled lips, used it a lot!!! 😉 The best tip that I can give you is to buy more than one, add one to your favorite bag and one in your vanity!

Vichy Lip Protection Stick SPF 30

This is my after sun favorite, I’ve discovered it after a big sunburn in New York, it was the only lotion available at the grocery close to wear at was. I immediately felt in love with it. I challenge you not to become addicted after the first use!! During the winter time I used their lavender one, it’s just perfect!!

Johnson’s Baby Lotion, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble is the best product to look like a beach bomb without being at the actual beach! I spray it in my freshly clean wet hair and let them dry naturally and let the magic work, easy like that!

Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray

I have tried a lot of dry shampoo when I discovered that kind of product. Batiste is by far my favorite. It instantly refreshes your hair without leaving a heavy effect like a lot of dry shampoo do. You can also find one that matches your hair colors and they also have some with scent. Personally, I prefer the original unscented one, like that it doesn’t mixed up with my perfume. Available in most drugstores.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original 400ml

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t be shy, if you want more info, leave a comment or email me!

xxx Isa

One Outfit During The Day Through The Night


When I know that I have something after work, I do my best to wear one outfit that I can refresh with some minor changes. I leave work, most of the time, late. I don’t really have the time to go home and dress up. So what I did that day, is that I brought a pair of heels and a blazer and that’s it I have a new outfit. I have to keep it easy and because I don’t wear a lot of make up it’s not a problem for me. But for the ones who do need a refresh before going out, just bring your make up essentials in your bag and you are ready for a great night 🙂

That day knowing that I wanted to go for a drink at night I decided to wear my tailor pants from Zara. Because summer is finally here, I turned up the legs of my pants to give them a summer feel. Who said that we can’t turn up tailor pants? 😉 Paired with my tie-die shirt from BCBG and a pair of Chuck Taylor! For the night I brougth my nude wedge sandals and a vintage blazer from Pierre Cardin.

Since summer time is here, I’m in the mood to eat on a terrace and going out!! xoxo


Blazer: Vintage Pierre Cardin / Shirt: BCBG / Tailor Pants: Zara (similar here) / Wedge Sandals: We Who See / Sneaker: Converse / Necklace: Top Shop (similar here)

Coeur De Loup


Summer weather finally got here, yay! The sun stays up longer in the evening, giving me the opportunity to show you more outfits during the week! Like this one, this is Monday after work, you can see it by looking at my eyes!! haha they looked tired!

I wore my maxi wolf dress from Zara that I got last summer. It’s a simple dress, but I like the mesh insert at the bottom that gives it a different touch! It’s the kind of piece that I didn’t even try before buying it, straight up to the cash! Easy, cheap, that’s it!

This is what I like about Zara, you can find versions of the latest styles you find on the runaway, great basics and just easy affordable stuff !

This is a promise, I will do my best to show you more often what I wear during the week at work!


Trendssetters-Blue-Wall Walking-true-Griffintown Left-Arm-Tattoo-Trendssetters Fire-Hydrant-Maxi-Dress-Zara Fire-Hydrant-Chill-Out Dainty-Converse-Trendssetters

Dress: Zara / Jeans Jacket: BDG / Converse Chuck Dainty : Amnesia /