New York Photo Diary

As promised I made a little photo diary of my lastest New York trip, Enjoy!! If you have any comments or questions about a picture let me know!!

Minimalist Geisha


Happy Friday! I’m working from home today, so I had the time to do a new outfit post 🙂 I still have a big week next week, but the good news is that I’m going to NYC on Wednesday night for a couple of days wouhou!! New York is like my second home, I love to be there! I’m going there to do my holiday jewelry buys and see the next trends in this category, I can’t wait!!

On these pictures I’m wearing my new Kimono that I bought at H&M in Stockholm. It’s from their Trends collection. It merges really well with the minimal look that I was looking for. This is my favorite pair of high-waist trouser wich I got at Zara last winter. I really love their shape. To give a summer feel to this outfit, I’m wearing it with a sport bra. It’s the kind of look that I feel very good with, I would like to wear that style more often. Ok now I have to get back to work, have a good week-end

Isabelle xx

Trendssetters-Minimalist-GeishaMontreal-Jungle-Trendssetters Sport-Bra-Joe-Trouser-Zara-trendssetters My-Geisha-Shoes Kimono-H&M-Trends-Trends-Setters Kimono-H&M-Trends-Sweden-Trendssetters Kimono-H&M-Trends In-The-Middle-Of-The-Jungle-Trendssetters High-waist-trouser-Zara-trendssetters High-Waist-Perfect-Trouser-Zara Green Geisha-Trendssetters

Vest: H&M / Trouser: Zara / Sport Bra: Joe / Shoes: Dolce Vita

Vinny & Karo Wedding


Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went to a friends Wedding. We had so much fun, it’s the kind of wedding that I would like to have. We started dancing at 6pm and didn’t stop until 2am! My legs where shaking at the end hahaha!! The bride looked stunning, her choice of dress, hair and make-up where perfect. It must be so hard to decide how you want your hair for such a big event, so many eyes will be looking at you and you want to look perfect for the big day!

They rented a photo-booth and everyone had a blast with it as you can see in our pictures haha!! I have a big week, tomorrow and Wednesday we have our fall 2013 manager meeting were we show our Back-to-School buys and our focus boards. My portion is an hour and a half witch I have to do 6 times. I think I’m going to do a silent day on Thursday hahaah!! have a good night xxx

Coucou-Trends-settersPop-Accessories-With-Black-Dress Little-Black-Dress-Outfit-At-A-Wedding-Trends-setters Trends-Setters-At-A-Wedding Aldo-Clutch-Nine-West-Shoes-Zara-DressVinny-&-Karo-Wedding-RockStar-PhotoBooth Vinny-&-Karo-Wedding-Multiple-Us-PhotoBooth Vinny-&-Karo-Wedding-Moustache-PhotoBooth Vinny-&-Karo-Wedding-Glasses-PhotoBooth

Dress: Zara (From last year) / Clutch: Aldo / Sandals: Nine West /



Happy Monday! This morning I left my sneakers at home.  I choose these lovely sandals from Nine West instead. They are so easy to wear and comfy for heels. Because I had a big and really fun week-end I wanted to be comfortable to start the week off right. These trousers paired with my hi-low top gave me that casual chic look that I was looking for.

This week will be intense, I have a lot of orders to do and a big meeting to prepare. It might be hard for me to blog like I would like to this week, but I will do my best to squeeze in a little bit of time to write a post or two! Have a good week folks xxx

Zara-Blue-Trouser-trends-setters Work-Outfit-Trendssetters Work-Outfit-Monday-trends-setters trends-setters-By-Isabelle-T Trends-Setters-Bangs Smily-Trends-settersNine-West-Sandals Black-&-Blue-Outfit-Trends-Setters

Hi-Low Top: Element Eden / Vest: Urban Outfitters / Trouser: Zara / Sandals: Nine West / Messenger: Zara

After The Rain


Sometimes I am really enjoying the rain outside. In a chalet up north, chill-in while reading a good book, listening the rain dropping outside, it’s the kind of moment that I really enjoy. And, days like today. It has been really really warm here in Montreal and with the humidity factor it feel like 46 degrees Celcius (117 degrees Fahrenheit). Yep! that’s hot and humid haha! So when the rain started to drop at the end of the afternoon, I have to say that I was happy, especially when I finished my day and felt some fresh air, it feels good!

I  haven’t done an outfit post lately, so we took these pictures after work today. Because it’s so hot these days I keep it simple!! I brought that leather jacket today because sometimes the air conditioner is so high at work that I’m freezing!! And, yes on my feet are my new fav Vans X Liberty authentic, so cute. I’m in love with them!! Talking about Vans I saw their footwear spring 2014 today, a lot of nice styles, this order will be hard to do, like all Vans orders, too much nice stuff!!

Happy Wednesday!

Vans-Authentic-Liberty-CollabTired-Up-Black-White-Trends-setters Raining-Leather-Jacket-Umbrella Green-AlleyBack-Hurley-Boyfrind-Denim-Short Back-Leather-Jacket Authentic-Liberty-Back-Focus-Trends-setters After-The-Sun-Come-The-Rain After-The-Rain-Trends-settersLook-Up-The-Sky

Jacket: Zara (last fall) / Boyfriend short: Hurley / Tee: Billabong / Necklace: Billbong / Sneaker: Vans X Liberty /

Copenhagen Day 1


After our first day in Copenhagen, I can say I’m in love with the city. People out here are beautiful and nice, everyone says “hello” to us! The city is very clean, everyone has a bike here so there’s not many cars and so much less noise There is a certain calm that the city reflects and I love it. Everything is design here, even at the the airport, we could see it in the architecture and the furniture. There are design shops everywhere, Karim freak out literally, he would love bring everything to Montreal, but we can’t obviously fit everything in our luggage…

From a fashion point of view, wow, this city is so inspiring. Just watching people walking by, my head is full of ideas already. people here are very unique! They even ride their bicycles with style while sipping their morning coffee! I finally visited a COS store! I loved their minimalist style plus they are on sale right now;)

I do not have internet access in our apartment, it’s harder than I thought it would be to blog, but this morning we finally found a nice little cafe with a connection. I leave you on that note for today, we have full of places to see today and the sun is in the game xxx

White-tee-Black-jeans-East-Outfit-Copenhagen-day-1Verdure-Copenhagen-day-1Vintage-Denim-Shirt-Copenhagen-day-1The-Canal-Copenhagen-Day-1Outfit-Copenhagen-day-1Louis-Vuitton-Fixed-Bike-Copenhagen-day-1Isabelle.t-and-the-scary-women-copenhagen-day-1Church-tower-Copenhagen-day-1Giant-Anchor-Copenhagen-Day-1 Easy-Outfit-Copenhagen-day-1 Close-Up-Copenhagen-day-1

Denim Shirt: Vintage / Tee: I don’t remember 😉 / Jeans: Zara / Sneaker: Converse / Jacket: Urban Outfitters /

I’m On Surftrain!

A couples of weeks ago, one of the founders of the new concept Surftrain, contacted me to ask if I would like to be a pioneer in using Surftrain. Of course I accepted! Surftrain is a tool that I can use to bring you on differents websites or shops that matters to me. For example, I did my first one, about my favorites trends for the spring/summer season. In the video I’ll bring you into different shops to show you my favorites pieces of the season, and what is really cool about it is that you can actually shop during the video, you just have to add the items to your basket and come back after the video!

I find it’s a cool way for me to be in contact with you. I made the first one in French, to be more comfortable, I’m sorry for my English followers, the next one will be in English I promise! Since I made it a couples weeks ago, it is more about spring, but still accurate. I really hope you will like it and please don’t be shy to leave comments and if you have an idea for my next one, let me know, I’m really open to any suggestions!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, my followers, for supporting me. Some of you since the beginning. You are the reason why I’m doing it. It’s a real pleasure for me to share my passion for fashion with you xxx

To watch it, just click the play button!


New Shopping List


So like all of you already know, I’m leaving the 14th of June for two weeks vacation in Copenhagen, Stockholm to finish this fantastic trip in Paris! So when you visit these three city’s together ehhh of course I’ll be shopping even if I’m on vacation. I’ve been waiting for this trip for so long, I love Scandinavian fashion, I’ll be freaking out over there haha!

Because I don’t want to spend to much time in stores, I looked up online to see what I should buy  and what I’m looking for. Yeah, I know, I’m a smart girl 😉

Have you noticed that I’m in a white mood, haha you must find it boring for summer, but I’m really into the entire white outfit right now, sometimes with a touch of bright colors or black. That’s the minimalist side of me!

Ok, now I spent too many hours on my computer, good night. I’m going to read a bit before going to bed xxx

Front Row Shop T-shirt with splice of tencel and chiffon – /

Monki Lisa parka – / T-back swimsuit /

Monki Rocky top – / Layered Skirt

ND Speed Top / Morgan tank /

Shiloh sweat /

May Inspirations

Because today it’s not so nice outside, I decided to pull out my inspirations for the month! I get inspired a lot by street style looks and random pictures from my favorites websites. I have an inspirations folder on my computer where I keep a lot of pictures. I’s kind of a mood board that I open when I want.

I hope you had a lovely day. Here in Montreal the weather is bad, it’s cold and windy, but it’s okay because the sun supposed to be back tomorrow with is best friend warmth 😉

NSNBL / Stockholm StreetStyle / Cos

Birthday Outfit


Last Saturday was my birthday, I’m one year older bahhhh haha!! Karim took some pictures of me before we left for dinner with my friends. For the occasion I wore my new H&M mesh bodysuit from their modern collection that I presented you here, paired with my new skort (skirt-short) from Zara with black waxed skinny! Every birthday I keep a special piece for the occasion 🙂 this year I choose my one-piece! I had a blast with my friends and a lovely week-end with my boyfriend. I’m a lucky girl!


Black Blazer: Urban Outfitters / One-Piece: H&M / Skort: Zara Waxed Skinny: Urban Outfitters / Heels: Nine West / Necklace: H&M